No Chill with Annie Russell

Is chill really a good thing? Hear Burlington Vermont's best comedians, musicians and artists join comedian Annie Russell to talk about what they're obsessed with.
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Aug 23, 2017

Assistant arts editor for Seven Days, Dan Bolles, joins Annie to talk journalism, music, and his favorite concert of all time (hint: it's not cool.) Dan reveals his favorite Burlington hangouts, how he decides what to write about and the most awkward encounters with bands he's reviewed.

Plus Annie gears up for United We Standup in Brattleboro and the Boston Comedy Arts Festival. 

Aug 2, 2017

Annie talks with Rev. Mara Dowdall of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington. Mara explains how she made the leap from politics to theology, how she writes her sermons and ventures a guess at whether or not God is chill.


Jul 10, 2017

Is it possible to be chill about food? Dietitian Kimberly Evans of Whole Health Nutrition joins Annie to talk about the food you're eating that's not healthy as you think. We learn about what a nutritionist does, and how food can support your health.

Also, Kimberly lets us know what's in her shopping cart, chats about the idea of food as medicine and lets us know the healthy-ish 'emergency' food you can grab in any gas station.

PLUS! Annie gives advice about what to do when you're the executor of an estate and gears up for Cringe on July 11 and the Shaskeen July 12. 

Jun 28, 2017

BONUS EPISODE OF NO CHILL! Annie is joined by Roger Cormier of once again to talk House of Cards.

SO MANY SPOILERS. Seriously, don't listen to this if you haven't seen all of Season 6 of House of Cards. You've been warned.

Annie and Roger share their thoughts on the most and least chill House of Cards characters, the role of the show post-2016 election, and more!

Roger also has the distinction of being on the show three times as a guest. It's a big deal.

Jun 9, 2017

Live from Waking Windows, it's No Chill! Recorded at the Stoplight Gallery on Friday, May 5 by VCAM, Annie interviews Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females live.

Marissa shares a song she was pressured to record, complete with running commentary over the track. Plus she reveals places she's cried, her strengths in a street brawl, a guaranteed tear-inducing video for those on depression medication, lazy music journalism and more.

PLUS! Annie thanks you for making her a finalist for Seven Days' Best Standup Comic, and invites you to Hot Popsicle's residency at Vermont Comedy Club.

May 17, 2017

An action-packed episode of No Chill! First, Annie talks with Winooski Mayor Seth Leonard live from United We Standup at the Monkey House.

We hear about Seth's mayoral duties, what he is unchill about, and why he thinks Winooski residents are so feisty.

Then it's another trip to the Monkey, where we hear Emily Clairmont's Cringe submission from March. Emily recounts the AOL chat history between she and Gator, a Myrtle Beach-based gentlemen she found online in 1998.

The two were brought together by a thwarted spring break drug deal, and ripped apart by time. Hear the details of their romance, and Annie's attempt to track Gator down. 

Apr 7, 2017

Note: content in this episode may be upsetting for some people. 

Annie talks with musician Tyler Daniel Bean about misogyny in DIY spaces, depression, suicide and bagels.

PLUS! Annie talks Waking Windows, Women in Comedy Festival, United We Standup and Cringe. See full list of live dates @



Mar 27, 2017

Annie sat down with comedic financial speaker Colin Ryan to talk money, marriage and comedy. Colin talks about the stress of being your own boss, the biggest financial mistake he's ever made and the hardest thing about marriage.

PLUS! Annie and Colin will be hosting a money-themed Cringe on April 11 at the Monkey House. Want to tell your tale of financial embarrassment? Submissions are still being accepted! Email to be considered.

Mar 17, 2017

Max Tracy of the Burlington City Council chats with Annie and Kendall Farrell at the latest United We Standup show at Vermont Comedy Club. Max shares how he got into politics, the relationship between Democrats and Progressives in Burlington, and his secret city hall crush.

PLUS! The Waking Windows comedy shows are announced! Annie will be hosting NO CHILL LIVE at Waking Windows on Friday, May 5. She's got new Cringe dates and info about the Women in Comedy Festival.

Feb 24, 2017

Charles Winkleman joins Annie to talk about running for Burlington's city council, why he no longer performs comedy, self-care, growing up in a religious household and more!

PLUS! Annie talks engagement, new puppy and upcoming Cringe shows. 

Jan 20, 2017


This week it's an episode of some of the best Cringe! A Night of Hilarious Humiliation submissions from recent months. Featuring submissions from Paul Church, Conor Lastowka and Alex Keefe.

Plus! Annie is still accepting submissions for Valentine's Day Cringe at Vermont Comedy Club. Email to submit!

Jan 13, 2017

Green Mountain Cabaret co-owner and performer Alexa Luthor talks with Annie about confidence, body positivity, and what she's learned from burlesque.

ALSO! Annie bids farewell to VPR's Alex Keefe and announced Valentine's Day Cringe at Vermont Comedy Club.

Jan 6, 2017

Yes, you read that correctly. Vermont's new Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman sat down with Annie and Kendall Farrell at United We Standup at Vermont Comedy Club. Listen for Zuckerman's thoughts on marijuana legalization, the minimum wage, why he thinks the GOP fucked itself, and most importantly: how he's decorating his new office.

DISCLAIMER: This was a comedy show, not an official political event. Many of the questions and answers in this interview were said in jest, so just calm down already.

Plus Annie tries to say 'no' more in 2017, and announces more Cringe shows, including a fun one for Valentines Day.

Email your New Year's resolutions and Cringe submissions to

Dec 30, 2016


Here to recap the best in music, movies and TV  of 2016 is DJ Llu! We talk election, why you should be watching TBS and more.

And a few friends call in with their picks. We hear from Natalie Miller, Paddy Reagan, Bryan Parmelee, Paul Church, Lori Goldman, Liam Elder-Connors and more!

PLUS! Details about United We Standup, Jan 4 at Vermont Comedy Club. Featuring comedy and a Q&A with Lt. Governor-elect David Zuckerman. And info about Cringe on January 10, and Montpelier Cringe January 12.

Happy New Year!

Dec 16, 2016


Annie talks with Burlington-based comedian Tim Bridge about movies, anxiety, and what topics he considers off-limits. The two spend a disproportionate amount of time talking about Oh Hello. Also, Tim reveals his secret road rage problem, and shares his favorite Vermont Comedy Club headliners of 2015.

PLUS! Annie announces two exciting shows for 2017. First, United We Standup at Vermont Comedy Club January 4, 9pm. Join Annie for a night of political comedy, plus a Q&A with Lt. Governor-elect David Zuckerman. Co-hosted by Kendall Farrell.

And Cringe is coming to Montpelier! Annie hosts Capital Cringe at Sweet Melissa's January 12. 8pm.

Dec 8, 2016

Annie talks with Roger Cormier of about the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix. SPOILERS APLENTY. Annie thinks Rory Gilmore has turned into Dawson Leery and she's not OK with it. Roger defends Lorelai and Luke's compatibility and both hosts pledge allegiance to Team Jess.

Plus get excited for HOLIDAY CRINGE at the Monkey House in Winooski, VT on Tues, Dec. 13th.



Nov 28, 2016

Annie talks with New York-based comedian Mike Lemme about going into debt to put on his one-man show, and how he finds the funny in family tragedy. 

Plus! Mike fills us in on his favorite coffee shop in Western Mass, and Annie gears up for Holiday Cringe and the Monkey House 10th birthday celebration.

Nov 18, 2016

Join comics Jamie Roux, Aharon Willows-Hebert and Aimee Poulin for their hilarious Cringe submissions recorded live at Waking Windows Portland. Find out how Jamie got this mug shot, hear Aharon's problematic high school songs and Aimee's attempts to become a child star.

Plus! Annie talks journalistic ethics and neutrality after the 2016 election. And we get pumped for HOLIDAY CRINGE December 13 at the Monkey House.

Oct 28, 2016


Annie talks with Good Fundies hosts Brian Mangan and Roger Cormier about the unchillness of being a baseball fan. Plus Annie talks about losing the Vermont's Funniest Comedian contest.

Oct 21, 2016


Carmen Lagala joins Annie to talk about her advice for new comedians, booking a showcase and why she can't sleep.

Plus, Annie remembers Deborah Danner, a Fountain House member who was recently killed by an NYPD officer.

Deborah had written an essay on living with schizophrenia that was published in the New York Times after her death:…borah-Danner.html

Oct 14, 2016

Astrologer Laurie Farrington discusses astrology as a tool for improving self-awareness, and explains how understanding it can turn around a difficult relationship. Skeptical Annie gets a quick and dirty chart reading, and it's spot on. 


Oct 7, 2016

Local musician and recording engineer Ryan Power talks with Annie about his upcoming record, social anxiety and why he's not on Facebook. Ryan also shares his 'media diet,' which involves not watching the news.

Also! Annie talks about jealousy and announces No Chill's Election Night stand-up show!

Sep 30, 2016

Artist Julianna Brazill talks comics, gender stereotypes and what it's like to have her artwork on a diaper.


Sep 23, 2016

Brian Nagle, aka DJ Disco Phantom, joins Annie for a chat about his favorite music to play, annoying song requests and Waking Windows Portland.

PLUS! Annie talks cohabitation and a we hear a live Cringe reading from Julia Berberon.

Sep 16, 2016

Comedian Lori Goldman on leaving Vermont, the most embarrassing text message she's sent recently and why nobody should ever pay for tortilla chips.